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Welcome seekers!
I’m Linda Schiller-Hanna, clairvoyant counselor and intuition trainer.
I define a Lightworker as a person who desired from their earliest memory to do all they can to help others.
If this feels like YOU, then
Welcome Home!
If you’re curious about the various activities that Lightworker 22 offers, there is a summary below. We invite you to also click the blue buttons above if you’d like a Free Higher Self Message, or to book a reading.
In any event, its no accident you’ve found us and we welcome you back again and again!
Linda Schiller-Hanna has been actively involved in metaphysics since 1979. There are various aspects of her outreach:
Linda Schiller-Hanna founded the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics in l980 and taught her empowering weekend course: Lightworker Intensive to more than 1500 graduates nationwide for 30 years.
Linda has been featured in three books:
    Intuitive Reiki For Our Times
       by Amy Z. Rowland, pp . 257-263
    Past Lives and Present Karma
       by Ann Jaffin, pp. 105-110
    Your Psychic Soul, Embracing Your Sixth Sense
       by Judith Pennington pp. 31-34
She has appeared on various radio and TV programs, including hosting a Dream Interpretation program on Cleveland radio.
Linda Schiller-Hanna, Clairvoyant counselor. She founded: Lightworker 22, LLC
Earlier projects included: Hosting and producing “The Natural Psychic” cable TV show in LA, founding Angel Love Healing Center, in l991, a free holistic support service for people with HIV+/AIDS. She produced and co-hosted Mainstream Intuition, a radio program on Canton FM-Radio Mainstream Intuition.
Linda Schiller-Hanna has published several titles on
One does not need to own a kindle to read them. You can simply go to and download the titles directly to your computer for the same price as if you owned one. None of these titles cost more than $5.00.
  Please Don’t Kill Yourself   My Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Story
  I Am Ready to Succeed Now   Overcoming ADD, A Bridge Person Learns to Walk
  How to Manifest Wealth, Getting Out of Your Own Way  
  "He Done Me Wrong" Poems..and Beyond (Addresses issues of abuse).
She continues to actively lecture for the Association of Research and Enlightenment, (ARE) both in the field and in Virginia Beach on intuition development, soulmates, and is on their list of tested readers
Linda would like to share the best compliment she ever received:
    "Linda, the problem with you is that you listen to your Guides too much!".
If you’d like to learn to listen to your Guides more, you’ve come to the right place. Linda Schiller-Hanna can help anyone who is willing to give it a try, access their Higher Self. Check classes for more details.
Being intuitive is a natural gift, God gave all of us.